Ophthalmology Clinic

Kingston Eye Institute houses a modern and well-equipped ophthalmology clinic staffed with certified Ophthalmic Assistants and helpful Administrators.  The clinic operates five days a week providing comprehensive ophthalmology medical services.  Due to the specialized nature of the care provided at Kingston Eye Institute, routine eye examinations, including prescriptions for glasses, are not provided.

Rather, patients are encouraged to see one of the many qualified community Optometrists for periodic eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses. 

Our Clinic is the most advanced and state of the art private ophthalmic facility in the region. We incorporate the highest quality diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of your eye concerns.

Kingston Eye Institute also has an assortment of laser treatments available to treat certain eye diseases. 

Becoming a Patient of Kingston Eye Institute

Kingston Eye Institute has treatments and procedures that require a referral from a family doctor or local eye care provider.  If you are interested, please check the individual sections below to see if you need a referral or if you can call us directly for an appointment.