LipiView Testing

Dry Eye is a medical condition with health and lifestyle consequences if left untreated. The natural course of most diseases is for symptoms to worsen over time so it's important to manage with optimal diagnosis and treatments today.

Using the new LipiView system from Tear Science, it is now possible to visualize the superficial layers of the tear film, which can help determine what type of dry eye condition you are suffering from, and direct you to individualized treatments to relieve your suffering.

The assessment is part of the process to identify the root cause of Dry Eye disease because Dr. Smallman's recommendation for treatment is based on his full assessment of the cause of the condition.

LipiView is a breakthrough technology that allows Dr. Smallman to capture an image of the lipid (oil) layer of our Tear Film. The tear film can be clearly seen as an array of colors that are reflected when a light source is directed towards the front surface of the eye and readings are instantly calculated and displayed on the LipiView monitor. LipiView provides an interferometry color assessment and allows Dr Smallman to determine or rule out the cause of the patients Dry Eyes. Several tools including Osmolarity testing, which determines the salt count in the tear film, is used in the assessment.

This technology is approved by Health Canada and the FDA and has become available in selected ophthalmic practices across Canada and the United States. It is the first diagnostic testing that has shown to be effective for determining different types of Ocular Surface or Dry Eye Disease.