What supplements should you take?

I will ask that you improve your muscle health by taking certain supplements which I believe will help restore normal and healthy muscle blood flow and relaxation

 What supplements should you take?

 Magnesium is the mainstay of my treatment plan. Although it comes in many forms, I think that magnesium malate (malic acid) is the best form and most cost effective. I personally use and recommend the Sisu brand. A high dose is required to begin the slow process of filling up the depleted muscle and bone stores. Dose is limited by diarrhea. I ask patients to take up to 4 250mg capsules per day. Find the largest dose you can tolerate without increasing bowel frequency. Other types worth trying are magnesium glycinate and MegaFood plant based magnesium. 

Vitamin D3 (around 2-5000u/day) and vitamin K2 (100ug/day) are useful in regulating calcium and magnesium balance and preventing osteoporosis and unnecessary calcification of soft tissues such as arteries and muscles. These can be purchased as a combination product made by AOR of Calgary or better still as part of the AOR multivitamin/mineral combination called MultiBasic 3.

CoQ10 is essential to replace depleted levels caused by statin medications and aging.  I think a higher dose around 400mg per day is useful. Higher quality products result in better absorption and results.

Adequate supplies of high quality omega 3 oils are essential for a good life and brain health. Taking 2-4 grams a day seems to make good sense to me.