Kingston Vasectomy

The Kingston Vasectomy clinic has been offering "No-Scalpel, No Needle" vasectomies since 1998.

The procedure is performed by gently locating and holding your vas just under the skin in the upper middle part of your scrotum. Then the doctor numbs your skin and vas with a jet injector that sprays freezing liquid through your skin. A small 6mm hole is made in the numb skin. The vas is pulled out, heat-sealed at the upper end, the vas is cut, and is then locked in its sleeve with a 3mm titanium clip. (The lower end of the vas stays open - so that new sperm can drain into the scrotum where it is reabsorbed.) Both ends are dropped back through the opening. The same steps are followed for the other vas through the same opening. Finally, Dr. Sylvester pinches the skin closed and covers it with gauze. The single opening in your skin closes very well without stitches. For a small fee, skin glue can be applied, which allows patients to shower right away. Otherwise, the closed wound becomes waterproof enough for a shower after two days.


For a consultation, have your doctor fax a referral to: Kingston Vasectomy Clinic, 725 Arlington Park Place, Kingston, Ontario K7M 7E4 Fax: 613.546.4060 Phone: 613.546.1858

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